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  • Divorce: Final:
    Last time we looked at the Divorce process. Today; we give you a short blog to finalise this series of blogs on divorce. As pointed out by one of our readers during the course of this week; “Divorce is not for
  • Divorce: How does the process work?
    As promised; we now look at the Divorce process. All divorces are dealt with either in the High Court or in the Regional Divorce Court; which courts have been specifically created to assist the High Court in dealing with divorce matters. There is a High Court in each major city; and various
  • Marriage and the end of a marriage: Divorce: What to consider before you proceed.
    Sadly; one of the matters that we get many queries about; is the issue of divorce. Most of us get married for life; but many marriages end in divorce. A divorce order puts an end to a marriage contract and around 50% of all marriages end in divorce; so it is an important aspect of
  • Divorce: Proprietary and Pension Fund Benefits:
    In our last blog we looked at proprietary rights on divorce. Today we look specifically at pension benefits at divorce. One needs to be very careful about how retirement benefits are divided between spouses at the time of a divorce. Many people including their own attorneys get it wrong and leave
  • Divorce: Proprietary Rights and Benefits:
    It is a sad fact of life that many of our marriages end up in a divorce; and as the statistics imply that up to two thirds of all marriages, depending where you live and into what social bracket you fall, end in a divorce; it is advisable to know your rights. A divorce order